Your MS Lottery Radio Station
in the Delta
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3rd Annual

Sept. 7th, 2024
On the grounds
of Studio-B
Columbus, Mississippi.

Listen to the ultimate radio station broadcasting live from the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta.

The Awesome A-M

"The Awesome A-M" is the most unique radio station in the world.  The station's format is Mississippi Delta Blues, Classic Rock and "Stuff" (anything the listeners want to hear and anything the DJs want to play).  This type format has never been attempted before.  Its originator, James Poe, bases the format on the Mississippi Delta's diverse population mix.  His belief is that with the rich culture of the delta and their history of southern rock & roll and blues and their proximity to Memphis, makes this format a daring likely success.  Appropriately, the station's physical location is set in the midst of the cotton fields of Greenwood, Mississippi on Money Road where the Emmett Till case unraveled in the 1950s, sparking the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  The station's Money Road location is also the setting for the burial ground of legendary blues man Robert Johnson (one of many).  The station is located less than a mile from the Little Zion M. B. Church and cemetery.

The Awesome A-M's programming focuses on tourism and the historical nature of the region.  Which is to say, the station is community driven!  Its target audience includes tourists and the local community alike.  When visitors from around the world frequent the area they are interviewed and the recordings are rebroadcast on the station, prompting partner, Bill Luckett to coin the station as "News, Blues, and Interviews."

Left to Right - James Poe, General Manager
and Owner of WABG Radio; 
Dr. Sade Turnipseed host of Delta Renaissance,
a weekly public affairs television program
and Bill Luckett;  former owner, WABG Radio.  

The target audience demographics are designated to attract Black and White males and females 25 years of age and older with special programming for other demos. 

Special features like TAKE 5, The Steve Ladd Memorial Show, The Morning Show with Poe, and Beyond The Praise with Willie Mae McIver make the station one of the most attractive formats in the world.

The station also features special Sunday Inspirational programming, jazz, and special features throughout the week.  Very few nationally syndicated shows are used according to Poe, who is also the General Manager.  "We're building the station for the people of the Mississippi Delta and around the world who love the music of this region,"  He said.  The station focuses on locally produced shows done professionally dedicating time for local artists regardless of the genre of their music.  "We support local blues, classic rock, and other artists from around the world who support and are perpetuating the music of this region,"  he said.

Non-stop promotions accent the station's unique format.  Hype and excitement throughout the year are its calling cards.  Plenty of "live remote" broadcasts and "the man on the streets" features are also included.  "The Awesome A-M is the station of the future -- bringing PeOplE from around the world together."  Poe concluded.